Fluido di servizio: LEYBONOL LVO 410
Porta di collegamento : DN 63 ISO-K
Pressione finale: 1 x 10⁻² mbar
Raccordo di uscita: DN 40 ISO-KF
Raffreddato ad acqua: Si
Velocità di pompaggio (50 Hz): 80 m³/h
Velocità di pompaggio (60 Hz): 96 m3/h
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Our new LEYVAC dry vacuum pumps provide power combined with high performance! This new product range for the 100 m3 /h market has been designed to meet the special needs of industrial processes and coating applications. LEYVAC pumps and system combinations are rugged, reliable and durable, ready to cope with harsh process requirements. The LEYVAC product line comprises the models LEYVAC LV 80, LV 80C, LEYVAC LV 140 and LV 140C.

Benefits to the customer

■ Dry pump technology
- No oil contact to process gases
- Only periodic gear oil change 
■ High pumping speed for air and H2 
■ Hermetically tight
- No shaft seals
- No oil leakage
- Safe pumping of toxic gases 
■ High reliability 
- Long service intervals of up to 5 years
- High uptime with limited maintenance
- Robust and durable design
■ One motor solution
- Multi-voltage, dual frequency motor operable at 200V - 440V and 50/60Hz
■ Easy and modular
- Direct coupling of roots booster pumps without frames for models WS/WSU251, WS/WSU501 and WH700/702 provides enhanced pumping performance

Application examples

■ Process industry
- Industrial furnaces
- Degassing
- Charging
- Casting
- Drying processes in general
- Freeze drying
- Packaging
■ Coating
- CVD coating
- Plasma coating
- Glass coating
- Web coating
■ Solar
- Crystal pulling and casting
■ Support functions
- Regeneration of cryo pumps
- Forevacuum pumps

Features at a glance

LEYVAC dry vacuum pumps provide optimized

■ System uptime
- Robust design based on the proven RUVAC and DRYVAC technology
- Effective cooling system
- Thermal switch protection
- Tolerant to pressure shocks
- Long intervals for bearing exchange
■ Process safety
- Designed for harsh applications
■ Excellent performance data High pumping speed
- from atmosphere to process pressure
- for light gases n Low noise and low heat emission
■ Price-to-performance ratio
- Low investment costs
- small, price optimized pumping systems

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